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MediaLawLetter December 2018
Court Holds Kansas Anti-SLAAP Law Applies in Federal Court; First Amendment Protects Secretly Recording Government Officials in Public in Massachusetts; Copyright Protection for iPhone Photo Trumps Fair Use; 2 Milly Sues Epic Games Over Fortnite Dance Moves; A GDPR Primer for Media Lawyers; Santa's Gift List for Media Players; 10 Questions for Judith Margolin and more.

MediaLawLetter November 2018
Tennessee Supreme Court Has Two Chances to Reshape Fair Report Privilege; Indiana Court Issues Decision with Implications for Right of Publicity Law and Online Sports Betting; Robust Decision Rejects Academic’s Libel Claims Against The New York Times; Reports from the MLRC Annual Dinner and Forum; 10 Questions for Lynn Carrillo and more.

The Monthly Daily September-October 2018
News round-up from MLRC Deputy Director Jeff Hermes. IN THIS MARVELOUS ISSUE: Farewell to the Hacky Sack king | Senses working overtime | A secret portal to the moon | Benny Hill not included | Officer, this isn't what it looks like

MediaLawLetter October 2018
Sweeping Music Modernization Act Transforms Music Licensing for the Digital Age; False Advertising of Entertainment; Florida Newspapers Gets Defamation Suit Dismissed Under New Anti-SLAPP Law; Defrocked Priest Loses Libel Suit Against Detroit Free Press; Executive Director's MLRC Annual Dinner Preview; 10 Questions for Elizabeth McNamara and more.

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