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Model Brief on Access to the Executive Branch
Model brief setting forth arguments and legal arguments meant to form the basis for a motion seeking media access to the executive branch. The Model Brief includes multiple potential constitutional arguments that could be made to obtain access to various activities of the executive branch. 

MediaLawLetter July 2017
How Trump Shapes Public Opinion of the Media (and How We Can Fight Back); N.Y Appeals Court Reaffirms Broad Scope of Shield Law; Niche Publication Protected From Forced Disclosure of Confidential Sources; 2d Cir. Affirms Dismissal of “Bomb” Defamation Claim; Court Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Claim After Reviewing Undercover Video; Federal Court Strikes Down Utah’s Ag-Gag Statute as Unconstitutional Abridgement of the First Amendment; 10 Questions for a Media Lawyer: Lynn Oberlander and more.

Webinar: Criminal Law Issues Media Lawyers Need to Know
A webinar from the MLRC Next Generation Committee covering criminal law issues that media lawyers should be prepared to field, from wiretap and trespass laws to the Espionage Act and grand jury subpoenas.

Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
MLRC Bulletin 2017 Issue 1 - May 2017
Fake News, Yelpers, and Tweets, Oh My!: Section 230 Case Law Update; Shared Risks? The Top Six Issues Facing the Sharing Economy; MLRC Roundtable: A Discussion of Big Changes at the FCC

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