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MediaLawLetter October 2015
Preparing for a Busy November; 2d Cir Affirms Fair Use Win for Google Books; Hyperlink Can Restart Statute of Limitations for Libel; Wolf of Wall Street Claims Dismissed; EU-US “Safe Harbor” for Personal Data: No Longer Safe; ECHR Grand Chamber Addresses Article 10 and Genocide Denial; NYT's Moves Forward With Suit Seeking Torture Memos and more

MediaLawLetter September 2015
London Conference a Rousing Success; Mug Shots Redux in the Sixth Circuit: 20 Year Battle Continues; D.C. Circuit Clarifies FOIA Public-Interest, News-Media Fee Waivers; Court Affirms Limited Nature of NY's Privacy Statute; Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging Journalists Hacked Plaintiff’s Computers; Court Limits  Reach of TVEyes Fair Use Ruling; Ninth Circuit Rules in “Dancing Baby” Copyright Case; Copyright Lawsuit Against Sir Mix-A-Lot Dismissed; Illinois Federal Court Quashes Subpoena For News Outtakes

MLRC Bulletin 2015 Issue 2: International Media Law Developments
Why Reading The First Amendment Isn’t Easy; To Confront The Assassin’s  Veto, Or To Ratify It?; Hate Speech Under German Law; Canada: A Middle Ground On Hate Speech?; Speech Offences In England And Wales; Restriction Of Freedom Of Press Under Turkish Media Law; Developments In Ireland; Press Regulation In The United Kingdom: Where Things Stand At Present And The Clouds On The Horizon; Data Privacy In The United States

Model Policy on Police Body-Worn Camera Footage
Several federal, state, and local bodies are presently considering policies regarding public access to police body camera recordings. The MLRC has developed and adopted a Model Policy on this topic, which states that such tapes should generally be available for public inspection, subject to exemptions in existing public records laws. A set of principles is also offered as a guide for legislators and policy-makers.

Practically Pocket-Sized Guide to Internet Law: 2015 Update
23 concise articles on a wide-range of Internet law questions that come up in day-to-day media law practice.

MLRC Bulletin 2015 Issue 1: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
Closing The Frontier – The FCC's "Open Internet" Order; Emerging Themes In Data Breach Litigation: What In-House Counsel Need To Know; 2015 MLRC International Roundtable; Emerging Legal Issues In The Internet Of Things; Did Police Officers Violate The First Amendment By Editing Wikipedia?

MLRC Bulletin 2014 Issue 3: Articles and Reports on Significant Developments
2014 MLRC Copyright Roundtable; Righting The Law Of Publicity: Why the Supreme Court Should Re-Visit the Zacchini Case; Establishing the Reach and Limits Of CDA § 230: 2014 Year in Review; When Your Past Is Another's Future: Orders Compelling the Removal of Defamatory Speech As Prior Restraints; Christmas Comes Early for Newsrooms: EU Privacy Working Group Says Newspapers' Search Engines Are Not Subject to RTBF

Catalog of Subpoena Decisions by Category of Material and Reasons Sought
An update of the 2010 catalog summarizing subpoena decisions, including those from the last few years, arising in no fewer than 10 scenarios – from accident and crime scenes to reporters as eyewitnesses to using subpoenas to impeach witnesses.

MLRC Model Shield Law
The MLRC Model Shield Law was developed by the MLRC Model Shield Law Task Force. It will update a prior Model that we developed a number of years ago. The Model Shield Law has been designed to assist  in the creation, or updating, of state shield laws.

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