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MediaLawDaily December 2016
Jury Finds Rolling Stone Defamed UVA Dean in “Rape on Campus” Article; Wisconsin Court Of Appeals Snuffs Out Firefighter’s Defamation Suit; Kentucky Court Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Claim Against TV Station; Pa. Court Applies Fair Report Privilege to “Colorful” Report; Court Adopts Less Demanding Standard To Prove Malice In Purely Private Defamation Cases; Michigan Court of Appeals Takes Another Encouraging Look at Anonymous Speech; University of Notre Dame Campus Police Force Not Covered by Indiana’s Open Records Law; Santa's Gift List for Media Players Naughty & Nice; and more

MediaLawLetter November 2016
MLRC in the Era of Trump; Minnesota Television Station and Newspaper Win Libel Trial; Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal of “Son of a Nazi” Libel Claim; 7th Cir. Reinstates Libel Claim vs. Gawker Over User Comment; Reporter’s Claim That Veteran Lied About Purple Heart Not Actual Malice; Texas Court Addresses “Clear and Specific Evidence” Requirement in State Anti-SLAPP Law; From the Next Gen Committee: Please, Don’t Leave a Message After the Beep; Maryland High Court Holds Vanity License Plates Are Nonpublic Forums; Plates Subject To Reasonable and Viewpoint Neutral Restrictions; Colorado Court Applies First Amendment Protections in Criminal Case Involving Juvenile; N.J. Court Orders Town to Release Memo on Social Media Policy and more.

MediaLawLetter October 2016
Donald J. Trump Is A Libel Bully, But Also A Libel Loser; “Ballot Selfies:” Photo Ops in the Granite State; Third Circuit’s ‘Bridgegate’ Decision Undermines First Amendment Right to Bill of Particulars; N.Y. Court Quashes Subpoenas for Newsgathering Materials; N.C. Jury Hits News & Observer With $9M Verdict in Public Official Libel Case; N.Y. Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Complaint By Strip Club “Managers” on “Of and Concerning” Grounds; N.J. Super.: Single Publication Rule Applies to Edited Internet Articles; Ill. Judge: Newspaper can be Liable for Printing Records Provided by Government; CJEU: Magazine That Linked to Infringing Photo Can Be Liable; Federal Trade Commission Poised to Hold Brands and Influencers Responsible for Improper Native Advertising

Legal Considerations for U.S. Media Companies Who Send Employees Into "Harm's Way"
An updated outline containing practical tips and guidance to help keep media employees safe whether working in the U.S. or abroad.

Using Trademarks in Expressive Works
An in-depth discussion of the main legal defenses that may enable content creators to avoid the time and expense of establishing that consumer confusion is unlikely under the applicable multi-factor test.

MLRC Bulletin 2016 Issue 2: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
The Test of Time: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Turns 20; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Recent CDA Decisions; The Potentially Serious Implications of Federal Court Injunctions that Purport to Bind Non-Party Internet Service Providers in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Actions; Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation; An Overlooked First Amendment Milestone: The Copyright Fight Over the Rodney King Beating Video

MLRC Bulletin 2016 Issue 1: Report on Trials and Damages
MLRC's 2016 Report on Trials and Damages updates our study to include 9 new cases from 2014 and 2015. Our trial database now includes trial and appellate results in 641 cases from 1980-2015.

MediaLawLetter March 2016
The Donald Hogan: One Person, Multiple Personas; The Monthly Daily; Claims Against Backpage Dismissed Under Section 230; Major Victory for Kentucky Newspapers in Access to Records Case;  NJ Open Records Law Does Not Extend to Out-of-State Requesters; MLRC Miami Conference; Canadian Court Recognizes Private Facts Tort; Texas Has Personal Jurisdiction Over Mexican Broadcasters; “Dancing Baby” Fair Use Decision and Creates More Confusion; and more

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