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MLRC Bulletin 2016 Issue 2: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
The Test of Time: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Turns 20; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Recent CDA Decisions; The Potentially Serious Implications of Federal Court Injunctions that Purport to Bind Non-Party Internet Service Providers in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Actions; Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation; An Overlooked First Amendment Milestone: The Copyright Fight Over the Rodney King Beating Video

MediaLawLetter April 2016
MLRC Institute Freelancers Workshop a Smashing Success; The Monthly Daily; Libel Suit vs In Touch  Survives Anti-SLAPP Motion; Court Tosses Case Against ESPN; Criminal Conduct Never Irrelevant to Fitness for Office; Sheldon Adlelson Suing in Hong Kong for Being Called "Foul-Mouthed"; Across the Pond - Celebrity Threesome Injunction; Court Unseals Court Records in Hulk Hogan v Gawker; Paid Contributors Are ‘Users’ Under DMCA Safe Harbor; and more

MLRC Bulletin 2016 Issue 1: Report on Trials and Damages
MLRC's 2016 Report on Trials and Damages updates our study to include 9 new cases from 2014 and 2015. Our trial database now includes trial and appellate results in 641 cases from 1980-2015.

MediaLawLetter March 2016
The Donald Hogan: One Person, Multiple Personas; The Monthly Daily; Claims Against Backpage Dismissed Under Section 230; Major Victory for Kentucky Newspapers in Access to Records Case;  NJ Open Records Law Does Not Extend to Out-of-State Requesters; MLRC Miami Conference; Canadian Court Recognizes Private Facts Tort; Texas Has Personal Jurisdiction Over Mexican Broadcasters; “Dancing Baby” Fair Use Decision and Creates More Confusion; and more

MLRC Bulletin 2015 Issue 3: Articles and Reports on Significant Developments
Online Media Protection in California: The Amendment to Civil Code Section 48a; Newsgathering and Drones: A Year in Review; True Threats and the First Amendment: The Impact of Elonis v. United States; A Book’s Profits as a Remedy for Defamation? And Other Interesting Issues Raised by Ventura v. Kyle; Jordan Litigation Fouls First Amendment Defense; To Give Fees Or Not To Give Fees, That Is The Question (With A Different Answer In Every Circuit): The Circuit Split Over Attorneys’ Fees  Awards Under the Copyright Act

MLRC Bulletin 2015 Issue 2: International Media Law Developments
Why Reading The First Amendment Isn’t Easy; To Confront The Assassin’s  Veto, Or To Ratify It?; Hate Speech Under German Law; Canada: A Middle Ground On Hate Speech?; Speech Offences In England And Wales; Restriction Of Freedom Of Press Under Turkish Media Law; Developments In Ireland; Press Regulation In The United Kingdom: Where Things Stand At Present And The Clouds On The Horizon; Data Privacy In The United States

Model Policy on Police Body-Worn Camera Footage
Several federal, state, and local bodies are presently considering policies regarding public access to police body camera recordings. The MLRC has developed and adopted a Model Policy on this topic, which states that such tapes should generally be available for public inspection, subject to exemptions in existing public records laws. A set of principles is also offered as a guide for legislators and policy-makers.

Practically Pocket-Sized Guide to Internet Law: 2015 Update
23 concise articles on a wide-range of Internet law questions that come up in day-to-day media law practice.

MLRC Bulletin 2015 Issue 1: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
Closing The Frontier – The FCC's "Open Internet" Order; Emerging Themes In Data Breach Litigation: What In-House Counsel Need To Know; 2015 MLRC International Roundtable; Emerging Legal Issues In The Internet Of Things; Did Police Officers Violate The First Amendment By Editing Wikipedia?

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