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Media Law Conferece 2006: Binder Materials

Materials will be added as they are processed for posting.

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Geoffrey Robertson Speech: Perils of Publishing in the Global Age

Conference Program

Speakers Biographies

International Media Law

Perils of Publishing in the Global Age: Contempt Issues: A Little Local Difficulty or Global Restriction?  
Gillian Phillips, Some background notes on the UK law of contempt
Articles on UK contempt of court


Access to Crime Scenes

Access to Dockets

  • Letter to Hon. Robert B. Bennett, Jr. and Hon. Karen E. Rushing re: Docket Closures in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit (Florida)
  • Agreed Order on Plaintiff’s Complaint, Knight Ridder, Inc. v. Forman, No. CACE 06-6684 (Fla. Cir. Ct. June 6, 2006).
  • In re: Interim Policy on Electronic Release of Court Records (Administrative Order), No. AOSC06-21 (Fla. June 30, 2006).

Access to Disaster Scenes

  • Plaintiffs’ Complaint, Emergency Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Application for Injunctive Relief, CNN v. Brown, No. 05-3170 (S.D. Tex. Sept. 9, 2005).
  • Brief in Support of Plaintiffs’ Emergency Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Application for Injunctive Relief, CNN v. Brown, No. 05-3170 (S.D. Tex. Sept. 9, 2005).
    • Attachment: Connell v. Hudson, 17 Media L. Rep. 1803 (D. N.H. 1990).
  • Memorandum for record [regarding media access to recovery of deceased], Headquarters, Joint Task Force – Katrina (Sept. 10, 2005).

Preventing Sealing Orders From Being Entered

  • Order, Bombay Co. v. Target Corp., Civil No. 06-339 (N.D. Tex. June 21, 2006).

[Access to Courts and Court Records]


Privacy and Property


Ripped from Real Life: Ethics Hypotheticals and Not-So-Hypotheticals

Ethics Corner: Confidentiality and Phone Conversations
LDRC MediaLawLetter, June 2002, at 63.

Ethics Corner [Chiquita case]
MLRC MediaLawLetter, April 2003, at 68.

Ethics Corner: Lawyers, Lies and Secret Taping
MLRC MediaLawLetter. Oct. 2003, at 83.

Ethics Corner: Pre-Litigation Issues for Media Lawyers in the Post-Zabulake World
MLRC MediaLawLetter, Jan. 2004, ay 53.

Ethics Corner: Unintended Consequences in Representing Multiple Media Clients
MLRC MediaLawLetter, June 2004, at 49.

Ethics Corner: The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege, the Corporation and the Journalist
MLRC MediaLawLetter, July 2004, at 70.

Ethics Corner: Representing Multiple Clients: No Time for Complacency
MLRC MediaLawLetter, Aug. 2004, at 71.

Ethics Corner: The Timing, Love and Tenderness Necessary to Effectively Represent Multiple Clients in Settlement Negociations
MLRC MediaLawLetter, Sept. 2004, at 54.

Ethics Corner: Attorneys’ Duty to Conduct an Informed Electronic Discovery Project
MLRC MediaLawLetter, Oct. 2004, at 57.


New Challenges and Familiar Themes in the Recent Case Law Considering Section 230

Media Blogs: Spotting and Mitigating Their Risk

Privacy Implications of Internet Searches

The Google Library Project

How to Target Advertising on the Internet While Respecting Trademark Owners’ Rights

Pre-Publication / Pre-Broadcast

MLRC Committee Report: Prepublication / Prebroadcast Checklist, Discovery Roadmap
Oct. 2005



Reporters’ Privilege: Protecting Sources in Criminal Cases

When Communicating is a Crime: Protecting Sources in Criminal Cases and the Risks for the Journalists and Lawyers Involved
PowerPoint presentation

Libel and Privacy Depositions 101


Bibliography of Deposition Resources

Preparing the Reporter / Editor for Deposition

Deposition Outline – Plaintiff

Deposition Outline – Plaintiff’s Spouse

Deposition Outline – Plaintiff’s Journalism Expert

Hypothetical – WSNP’s Award-Winning Health Care report “Trauma Reality”

Advertising and Promotion

Marketing, Promotion and Advertising for Publishers and Broadcasters – List of Topics

2006 Advertising Rate Card Copy and Contract Terms and Conditions, Vogue magazine.

Marketing, Promotion and Advertising.

Click here to see in full

Media Insurance

Users’ Guide to Media Liability Insurance

Hot Issues for 2007 and Beyond

Trial Tales

Trial Tales 2006
covering trials from Sept. 9, 2004 to Aug. 17, 2006

Mock Trial Tales: Mock Libel Jury Trials in the United States, Canada and England

  • Appendix 1: The California Clarion (U.S. mock trial article)
  • Appendix 2: Court’s Instructions to the Jury – Mock Jury Exercise, NAA/NAB/MLRC 2004 Media Law Conference
  • Appendix 3: The Ontario Clarion (Canada mock trial article)
  • Appendix 4: Judge’s Charge to the Jury (Canada mock jury trial)
  • Appendix 5: MLRC London Conference: “Tea and Trial” (hypothetical)
  • Appendix 6: [London] Mock Jury Exercise: Instructions to the Jury
  • Appendix 7: Marjorie S. Fargo, The Use of Mock Trial Focus Groups for Trial Preparation.
  • Appendix 8: Summary of Mock Libel Suit, Ad IDEM (Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 20, 2004).
  • Appendix 9: Jason S. Bloom, Mock Trial and MLRC [London] Conference.

Other Materials

Trial Tactics Bibliography

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