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Media Law Conference 2006: Breakout Session Outlines

The following materials were prepared for the facilitators of the various "breakout" sessions at the 2006 MLRC Conference as aids to the various facilitators, and are presented in a "less polished" form than other material on the MLRC site.  While we feel that these materials will nevertheless be useful to MLRC members, users should check the information and citations in these materials.


Hot Topics in Access Litigation


Recoverable Damages in Defamation Actions

Fair Report Privilege - The Basics

Libel by Implication - Recent Trends

Key Legal Issues in "Of and Concerning" Libel Cases

Privacy and Property


Use of Copyrighted Material Contained in Collective Works

Wither fair use?

Defending Against False Light Claims

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Nominative Fair Use Doctrine

Orphan Works

Plagiarism and Consumer Fraud Statues

Use of Intellectual Property in the Media

Use of Thumbnails (and Text) by Search Engines

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