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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Santa's Gift List for Media Players Naughty & Nice

By George Freeman

To Donald Trump – A new copy of the Bill of Rights (since he obviously lost the one we gave him last year)

To Donald Trump – Reading lessons so he can read #1; only a few should be necessary since the First Amendment is quite short

To Sarah Huckabee Sanders – A top – which she can spin, a trait she's expert at

To Stormy Daniels – The DCS Directory, to find another lawyer

To Robert Mueller – A broken faucet, so that he can do a little more leaking

To Fake News – A undistinguished burial for a meaningless concept in a trap on one of Trump's foreign golf courses

To the Masterpiece Cakeshop bakers – A cake topper of two men, just in case they change their minds

To Donald Trump – An anthology of Henrik Ibsen plays so he can learn what "An Enemy of the People" is really about

To Kellyanne and George Conway – Either new spouses or new political views

To Donald Trump – Pinocchio's nose

To Fact Checkers – A larger desk

To CNN, Fox News and MSNBC – A continuation of the Trump reign

To Jim Acosta – A gold-plated White House press credential

To Justice Ginsberg – Good health

To Justice Kavanaugh – A 2019 calendar, to replace his 1982 one

To the National Enquirer – a return to the golden days of gossip – viz., O.J.and John Edwards – instead of "catch and kill."

To Time – a revival under its new billionaire benefactor.

To Donald Trump – The MLRC's 50-State Surveys to be read before he retaliates for "unfavorable" content by revoking press credentials or campaigns for "opening up the libel laws"

To Mike Pence – Photos of him at the 2005 MLRC Dinner speaking out in favor of a federal shield law – when he was one of us

To the White House Press Corps – The ability and will to ask follow-up questions

To Les Moonves – A toy parachute, not the $120 million kind

To Olivia De Havilland – Better use of her remaining years than the filing of a fruitless right of publicity lawsuit

To Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci – ... wait, remind me who they are?

To Ronan Farrow and Jodi Kantor – A Harvey Weinstein bobblehead doll, and our thanks for their compelling and sensitive performances at our Forum

To Jeff Greenfield, Lynn Sherr, Marvin Kalb and Max Frankel – Our thanks and Nixon/Agnew bumper stickers for a great presentation on 1968 at our Annual Dinner

To College Administrators – Backbones, to defend controversial speech on campus

To Mark Zuckerberg – All the friends he can get, and lessons on how to testify effectively from Justice Kavanaugh

To Merrick Garland – Mitch McConnell's hide, and a tape of the Kavanaugh hearings

To Tom Kelley – A rocking chair to enjoy retirement, and a visit from a levitating former Miss Wyoming

To John Borger – A rocking chair to enjoy retirement, and a turnbuckle to smash Jesse Ventura into

To Donald Trump – a dictionary, to help with his spelling on Twitter, and a Twitter interface without a "block" option

To Truth – A comeback

To the Academy Awards – My telephone number. If you get desperate for a host, I'm available, work cheap, and have a Fred Friendly hypo that kills.

To the Capital Gazette – Gun control legislation

To the MLRC Staff – My heartfelt thanks for all your work, effort and dedication in producing Daily Reports, Legal Letters, Bulletins, 50-State Surveys, Conferences and Committee work every day, and without which we would not be able to give the benefits we do – professional, intellectual, social and fun – to our members

And, finally, I wish our loyal readers and members a very happy and healthy new year.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and not the MLRC. We welcome responses at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; they may be printed in next month's MediaLawLetter.

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