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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Santa's Gift List for Media Players Naughty & Nice

By George Freeman

To Donald Trump – Bobblehead dolls of Robespierre, Goebbels, Stalin, Lenin and Mao, all of whom called their foes "the enemy of the people," as he terms the press

To Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham – JFK's Profiles in Courage, for some out-of-the-box reading

To Ruth Bader Ginsberg – At least one year and twenty days of good health

To Justice Breyer – Tea and crumpets, to thank him for his MLRC London Conference appearance

To Fake News – An undistinguished burial

To Donald Trump – The Bill of Rights, since he obviously lost the copy we gifted to him last year

To Donald Trump – The Constitution, with the first three Articles in different colors so that he can learn about the concept of Separation of Powers

To Fact Checkers – Computers with greater capacity, since the President is at over 10,000 lies and/or inaccuracies in his three years as President

To Justice Roberts – A gavel to run a fair impeachment trial

To Clarence Thomas – Justice Brennan's opinion in Times v. Sullivan, which he can put under his pillow (with his Coke can) after reading before bed

To Justice Kavanaugh – A 2020 calendar, to replace his beer-stained 1982 one

To Rudy Giuliani – Grimms' Fairy Tales, so he can get ideas to continue to make stuff up

To Donald Trump – Pinocchio's nose

To the Press – Warm mittens and parkas, for spending the next two months tromping through Iowa and New Hampshire

To Maria Ressa – Not guilty verdicts in the many trumped up cases against her, so that she can spend her unbridled energy on important journalism in the Philippines

To Future Debate Moderators – A question about the candidates' belief in the First Amendment

To Elon Musk – A slower Twitter finger

To Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington high school plaintiff – A new MAGA cap and drum lessons

To Bill Barr – A SAT manual on how to precis the meaning of passages, after he failed dismally at it in summarizing the Mueller Report

To Hallie Jackson, Maggie Haberman, Susan Zirinsky, Jenna Johnson and Jennifer Epstein – As thanks for their great performance at our Annual Dinner, a broken alarm clock, so they can get some sleep on the campaign trail

To Melania Trump – A job as an online content moderator, preferably with Twitter

To Kellyanne and George Conway – Either new spouses or new political views

To Devin Nunes – More Anti-SLAPP statutes, to block his ridiculous libel cases

To Alan Dershowitz – A mute button

To Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci – The right to be forgotten

To Section 230 – Another year of existence, despite simplistic attempts to "fix" social media

To The New York Times and The Washington Post – Congratulations on great journalism, but a post-Trump business plan

To Bill Barr – A copy of his predecessor John Mitchell's memoir, aka his rap sheet

To CNN, Fox News and MSNBC – A continuation of the Trump reign and a Democratic primary battle that goes to the Convention

To Mike Pence – Photos of him at the 2005 MLRC Dinner speaking out in favor of a federal shield law, when he was in favor of the press

To College Administrators – Backbones, to defend controversial speech on campus

To our members traveling this holiday season – No suspicionless searches of your digital devices at the airport

To Truth – A comeback

To the MLRC Staff – My heartfelt thanks for all your work, effort and dedication in producing Daily Reports, LawLetters, Bulletins, 50-State Surveys, Conferences and Committee work every day, and without which we would not be able to give the benefits we do – professional, intellectual, social and fun – to our members

And, finally, I wish our loyal readers and members a very happy and healthy new year.

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