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Why Join MLRC?

Founded in 1980, the Media Law Resource Center is the premier association on media law issues for the nation’s leading content creators and providers in all media and the hundreds of law firms that represent them.

Through our publications, conferences, committees, and advocacy work, our members are exceptionally well informed, connected, and engaged.

Publications: From our MediaLawDaily to our 1,000+ page 50-State Surveys, the MLRC produces a wealth of timely and incisive information on media law, policy, and business.

Conferences: MLRC’s conferences introduce members to industry experts, academics, policy makers, and, of course, each other. Recent conferences addressed international law (London), digital media (Silicon Valley), entertainment and media law (Los Angeles) and general media law (Reston, Virginia). Annual forums and ad hoc topic-driven meetings focus on key, cutting-edge media issues.

Committees: MLRC's Defense Counsel Section maintains issue-oriented committees where  members collaborate to make positive and visible contributions to the field of media and First Amendment law. Committees include advertising and commercial speech, entertainment law, employment law, and internet among others. In addition to opportunities for discussion and networking, committees produce a wealth of materials for the membership such as a recently updated Jury Instruction Manual and a "Panic Book" on newsgathering issues.

Advocacy: MLRC works with its membership on responding to legislative and policy proposals and in promoting First Amendment and free expression rights. For the several years, MLRC has been particularly active in the development of the proposed federal shield law, working with a large coalition of media members and lawmakers to help shape legislation and encourage its passage.

To join, please choose from one of our membership categories

Media Members

Media Members include any content creators or distributers, whether online, print, broadcast, cable, or other audio-visual means; media and professional trade associations representing media including newspapers, newsletter and book publishers, broadcasters, journalists, authors, news directors and newspaper editors; media related public interest organizations; and media insurance industry entities.

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Defense Counsel Section

MLRC’s Defense Counsel Section includes approximately 200 law firms across the country, as well as overseas, that specialize in media and First Amendment defense representation and pledge not to represent plaintiffs in libel, privacy and related claims against the media.

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Associate Membership

Associate Members of the MLRC are non-U.S. based law firms, or the non-U.S. offices of U.S.-based Defense Counsel Section firms, that do an extensive amount of media defense work, but may, as well, on occasion, represent plaintiffs in media cases. Some, such as English barristers, are attorneys whose professional ethical obligations require them to accept cases on behalf of plaintiffs. They are all supporters of MLRC.

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Academic Subscription

For full time faculty members at universities, colleges, law schools, or other academic institutions.

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