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Defense Counsel Section Membership

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MLRC’s Defense Counsel Section includes approximately 200 law firms across the country, as well as overseas, that specialize in media and First Amendment defense representation and pledge not to represent plaintiffs in libel, privacy and related claims against the media.

Non-U.S. based law firms, or the non-U.S. offices of U.S.-based Defense Counsel Section firms, that do an extensive amount of media defense work, but may, as well, on occasion, represent plaintiffs in media cases may be eligible for Associate Membership.


$3,000 ($1,250 for solo practitioners and firms of three lawyers and less) 


  • MLRC MediaLawDaily: Published five days a week by e-mail, the Daily links to breaking news stories from the U.S. and the world on media law and business issues, and to decisions, briefs and legislative initiatives. Your membership will include online access to current and all archived issues of the MLRC MediaLawDaily, August 20, 2012, to present.
  • MLRC MediaLawLetter: The leading monthly news publication for media defense lawyers, each issue contains articles and updates on court decisions and legislative initiatives of interest in the U.S. and abroad. Your membership will include online access to current and all archived MLRC MediaLawLetters, 1994 to present.
  • MLRC Bulletin: Delivered electronically three times per year, the MLRC Bulletin contains reports on trends, developments, and news in First Amendment law and litigation. The MLRC Bulletin also publishes the results of MLRC-initiated statistical studies and symposia. Your membership will include online access to current and all archived MLRC Bulletins, 1980 to present.
  • Eligibility for discounts on the MLRC 50-State Surveys.
  • Online accesss to all MLRC Litigation Resources, including Brief, Jury Instruction, Expert, and Newsroom Seminar Banks, and going forward, all newly obtained briefs, jury instructions and other litigation resource materials.
  • All reports and publications of MLRC and MLRC committees.
  • Invitations to MLRC conferences and events .
  • Participation in MLRC committees and projects.
  • DCS Membership Directory listing.
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