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MediaLawLetter November 2019
Planet Aid v. CIR: Lessons for Counsel in Defamation Litigation; Court Dismisses Sheriff Arpaio’s Suit Against HuffPost and Others; Court Rejects Colombian Journalist’s Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Narcos’; Second Circuit Rules for Facebook in Landmark Section 230 Case; From the Executive Director: Controversies at Top College Newspapers Point to Bizarre Journalistic Standards and more

MLRC Digital Review
A landmark revenge porn ruling in Illinois | A pile of federal privacy bills | The Supreme Court delves into copyright | Microtargeting in election advertising | Crackdowns on selling likes and followers | Maneuvering in antitrust investigations | Border searches of digital devices | and much more

MediaLawLetter October 2019
The Judiciary and the Media Bar: Once Antagonists, Now Allies; Goodale: Is Assange Entitled to Full First Amendment Protection?; Illinois Supreme Court Upholds “Revenge Porn” Law Against First Amendment Challenge; Court ‘SLAPPs’ Sheldon Adelson for Suing Political Group; New Digital Advertising Regulations Require Operational Changes; 10 Questions for Jeff Portnoy and more

MLRC Digital Review September 2019
FTC settles with YouTube over alleged COPPA violations  | Ninth Circuit drops its opinion in HiQ v. LinkedIn | Court of Federal Claims says no single publication rule for copyright | States launch antitrust probes into big tech | Major decisions from the Court of Justice of the European Union | and much more...

MediaLawLetter September 2019
Doctor Who Claims Character in Judge's Novel Defamed Him Loses on Appeal; Fifth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Wide-Ranging Defamation and Conspiracy Claims; Ninth Circuit Scrapes Bottom in CFAA Analysis; London Conference Recap; 10 Questions for Tom Burke and more

MLRC Bulletin: International Media Law Developments
Why Are the British Not More British? Reflections on the London Conference since 1998; Re-Examining Defamation Law in a Digital Age: The Landscape of Law Reform in Ontario; Media Law Developments: Australia in 2019; Reflections in a Rear-View Mirror – The Regulation of Social Media; Thinking of the Children – The Regulatory War Over Unquantifiable ‘Harms’ Continues to Rage in the Digital Age; Network Enforcement Act; Roundtable: The Prosecution of Julian Assange

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