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MediaLawLetter May 2019
Lessons Learned in Anti-SLAPP Campaigns in Tennessee and Texas; The Fair Report Privilege and the Trumpt Dossier; Second Circuit Dismisses Libel Suit Against New York Post; New York Court Dismisses Libel By Implication Suit Over Wall Street Journal Article; Career Tips from Victor Kovner; Will Trump Prosecute the Mainstream Media; Ten Questions for Kelli Slade and more.

MLRC Bulletin: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
Regulation of Online Platforms in the European Union – The State of Play; Tricky Topics in CCPA Compliance; Anonymous Speech and Civil Discovery – Toward a Unified Test?; Deepfakes and the Law: Claims, Defenses and Strategies; Overview of Potential Data Privacy Legislative Proposals

MediaLawLetter April 2019
Fighting Copyright Pirates Through Preregistration; Second Circuit Reaffirms Section 230's Broad Immunity in Grindr Case; Fair Report Privilege Bars Libel Suit Against Jeanine Pirro; Anti-SLAPP battles in Texas; Roundtable on Internet Speech Regulation; Letter to a Newer Media Lawyer; 10 Questions for Cam Stracher and more.

MediaLawLetter March 2019
Hot Topics Roundtable: Sandmann v. The Washington Post; Tennessee Shield Law Exception Limited in Scope; Supreme Court Preview: FUCT; Book Review: Truth in Our Times by David McCraw; MLRC in Miami and Istanbul; 10 Questions for Bob Nelon and more.

MLRC Bulletin: Reports on New Developments
Re-Decentralizing the Internet: Code, Cyphers, Bitcoin & Media Experiments in Blockchain; Forum Non Conveniens and Choice of Law in Internet Defamation: Haaretz.com v Goldhar (Supreme Court of Canada)

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