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actions_against_online_speeActions Against Online Speech

This page lists incidences in the United States in which online speech is threatened, through libel suits, criminal investigations, or other means.



The resources on this page provide information on statutes that can provide quick dismissal of lawsuits infringing on free speech.


defamation_faq_3Defamation FAQs

This FAQ provides a general overview of the basic principles of American defamation law.


bigbenface250Libel Tourism

The resources on this page provide information about the SPEECH Act and related state statutes designed to combat libel tourism.


securityNational Security & The First Amendment

This page collects information and cases of reporters and news organizations threatened with prosecution under national security laws.


reporters-notebookReporter's Privilege/Shield Laws

This page collects a variety of materials on the protection of reporters' sources.


marilynRight of Publicity

This page tracks state legislative efforts to create or enhance the protection of personality rights for celebrities and others.

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