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MLRC Offers a Variety of Essential Desk References for Media Lawyers

Panic Book

The Panic Book provides ready citations and authority to use when responding to an “emergency” call to be in court within minutes to challenge a prior restraint, obtain access to closed court proceedings and records, get a reporter out of jail and more.

With the Panic Book you will have the basic authorities in support of the press’ position on a variety of recurring access and newsgathering scenarios.

Practically Pocket-Sized Guide to Internet Law

A collection of concise articles on a range of Internet law questions that come up in day-to-day media law practice. Topics include: Section 230; Online Retractions and Corrections, Single Publication Rule; Enforceability of Electronic Contracts; Behavioral Advertising; Mobile Data Collection; The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; Text Messages and The Fourth Amendment; E-Discovery; and more.

Model Trial Brief

An essential reference for libel litigators. Sections include: Excluding Plaintiff’s Expert Evidence on Fault and Defamatory Meaning; Admitting Evidence of Plaintiff’s Misconduct; Bifurcation and Trial Management; Damages and more.

Model Brief on Newsgathering Claims

Provides arguments and authority to counter a wide range of claims made against newsgathers. Sections include: Intrusion; Claims over Hidden Filming and Recording;  Misrepresentation, Fraud, and Trespass Claims against Reporters.

Model Brief on Jury Access Issues

A model brief for the press to intervene to obtain disclosure of juror information and conduct post-verdict interviews with jurors in criminal cases.

Media Decorum Order

MLRC's Model Media Decorum Order, and supporting memorandum of law, can be used in high profile state court cases to balance fair trial rights with the press and public’s right to full access to judicial proceedings.

Model Policy on Access and Use of Electronic Portable Devices in Courthouses and Courtrooms

Smart phones and laptops have become indispensible tools in covering courts and judicial proceedings. Courts, though, are struggling with a variety of issues raised by the pervasive use of these devices. This Model Policy is designed to give thoughful guidance to judges facing these issues.  It explains that reporters need to use the modern tools of the trade to provide timely, contemporaneous reports to the public, in fulfilling their constitutional mission.

MLRC's 2016 Report on Trials & Damages

The 2016 MLRC Report on Trials and Damages continues MLRC's tradition of reporting on the results of trials with libel, privacy and related claims against media defendants. Our database now contains trial and appellate results from 1980-2015.

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